the aqueous. evolution.

The story of how aqueous. comes alive is poetic. It’s kismath, as said in Urdu. Destiny. The calling.

aqueous (shortened to (aq.) in chemical formulas): 

containing or similar to water; a solution where the solvent is water.

a scientific term that doubles as a metaphor.


“aqueous.” not only alludes to Bisma’s background in science, but also illustrates the root of what makes us human physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

water + fluidity.

a special thank you

This dream, this vision would not be a reality without my incredible team. It is only right to honor + acknowledge their significant contribution to aqueous.!

Firstly, we thank God and His power. All praises, success, ideas are because of Him and for Him.

My family. My grandmother, parents, sisters, husband, + husband’s family. My rocks and who this is all for.

Christine, founder of FreezeCo Beauty + my partner in business, who has stood with me through thick and thin.

Vincent + Chie, my INCREDIBLE photography + videography team, who literally take my vision and ideas and create the most unreal creations ever seen.

Kait Fontenot, founder of Kait Studio + brilliant creative that makes ALL my crazy ideas come to life. She is the reason this epic website exists!

My incredible circle of close friends - you know who you are. Their prayers, support, cheers, + encouragement ground me and have brought me here today.

& YOU! Thank you for supporting this dream of mine and allowing my fluid evolution to stay ignited.


be revolutionary

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