Meet the founder


medical aesthetician.

As a first generation immigrant born in NYC and raised in both rural and urban parts of the USA, I was exposed to a diverse array of cultures + traditions that influenced my life’s purpose. Blending my Pakistani roots with my American upbringing became a source of inspiration + passion from early childhood.

Skincare, perfume, + candles are not only an extension of myself, but an extension of my family and culture. Each with their own story, but all coming together with one purpose - passion. 


Skin + skincare are serious matters to me. The skin is the largest organ, stemming into almost all of our body systems. Having the correct products, treatment, + understanding all lend a hand on a successful regimen.

For over a decade, I dealt with severe acne. A battle that became a blessing, my skin journey taught me about the density of skin issues. Our skin tells our story, but the reader needs to internalize what it is telling us. It can be an enigma. 

Because of this deeply personal experience, I fashioned my approach towards skin to be methodological. I blend Eastern + Western skin philosophies to deliver a holistic, intuitive, individualized skin protocol for each of my patients, including myself. I lean on my experience in medical education, along with esthetic practice to help my patients achieve their skin dreams.

As a self proclaimed skincare junkie, I am constantly on the hunt for effective skincare products that deliver honest results. The curation at aqueous. not only shines with brilliant science, but holds a special place in my journey as a professional practitioner.





I think everyone has a childhood memory of their loved one spraying a significant perfume that evokes nostalgic memories. My story is no different.

Not only is perfume/smelling on point significant, culturally and religiously, it is huge with my parents. Being the eldest of three girls, I felt like smelling absolutely delicious was my responsibility not only for myself, but so my sisters could follow suit! This side of my business is dedicated to my incredible parents - who inspired + taught me all that I know.

The memories + moments growing up smelling different perfumes during our travels refined my perspective on fragrance. Perfume is powerful. Through its juice, it imparts the mood, confidence, memories, craftsmanship, and intentions from the perfumer to consumer. Like skincare, I learned perfume is extremely subjective. A stunning revelation of luxury.

Perfume is an essential part of my passion, as it connects the mind + body. It completes the look + feel. It embraces how you respect + love yourself. Niche perfumery takes it to another level, honoring craftsmen who specialize in the sexiest formulas for your personal pleasure. It is fun, with no rules or limitations. It makes me feel FABULOUS!! And fabulosity MUST be shared!

Great perfume is a privilege; a privilege that should be honored + embraced. Your personality in liquid form!


Wax + flame. A historically significant art form that has evolved fluidly.

Candles illustrate poetry.

It lights up our darkness.

Fills the room with her powerful scent experience.

Evokes a cloud-like mood.

Instills a moment of peace + tranquility.

For me, candles ignite my flame, being the grounding piece for my self love + self care ritual. Home is not home without a candle. It is the first step in my daily routine, from the moment I wake up to the moment I prepare for bed. Without that initiation of lighting the candle, I feel incomplete.

The type of candle chosen for this ritual is vital. The quality of the scented oils being burned impacts your brain function. Thus, I fell deeply in love with niche candles - where a story is told with sensational ingredients coming together for your individual experience.