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This fragrance is both elegant and indomitable. Thanks to the delightful essences of bergamot and blackcurrant, it is enlivened at the top by tonic notes that accompany every movement of inspiration and subtlety. Finely crafted, it is the fruit of expertise passed down through generations in the Sora Dora family. Indeed, in Gréasque, this small village in Provence, mint is not only an olfactory element that sublimates, it is a material that deserves to be at the heart of a perfume, and to be in turn, sublimated by others.

Gréasque has been designed to reconnect with the lightness of the first sunny days. Fine touches of cedar, clary sage and natural comfort, accompanied by deeper notes of wood obtained from the famous Haitian vetiver.

Its imperious wake will delight the most daring.


The Notes

Italian Bergamot Essence
Basil Essence
Clove Essence
Blackcurrant Bud Absolute
Galbanum Essence
Peppermint Essence
Cedar Essence
Clary Sage Essence
Spinning Woods
Vetiver Essence

the projection


the notes




the sillage/longevity


the fragrance category

Citrus | Mint

About Sora Dora

Sora Dora was named after Antoine SoraDora, a Portuguese immigrant, and has become a prestigious perfume brand for four generations. in the seven fragrances of their collection, you will find all the power and emotion of the journey of this man who left his country and his loved ones to fulfill his dream.

although these fragrances are unisex, some lean more masculine and some lean feminine. each with a telling story, fragrance composition, and artful vision.

masculine leaning:

+ kamel oud

+ vanuatu

+ gladiator 

feminine leaning:

+ orchidee rouge

+ broceliande


+ mandorle 

+ gréasque

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