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La Pietra | No. 14

La Pietra | No. 14

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In 1994, the stunning Villa La Pietra in Florence was bequeathed to NYU to ensure the preservation of its intellectual, cultural and artistic legacy. Besides the incredible gardens and renown art collections, the property is known for its abundance of fig trees.

The Notes:

Fig Leaf | Cedarwood | Fig Sap

the projection


the notes

Fig Leaf | Cedarwood | Fig Sap


the burn time

The Medium: 45 hours // The Large: 80 hours

the sillage/longevity


the fragrance category

Earthy | Fruity | Figgy | Woody

About l'or de seraphine

L’or de Seraphine is a truly artisanal home fragrance brand, crafting bouquets of scent with unique prints. L’or de Seraphine believes that a candle can be elevated and eclectic. L’or de Seraphine provides one-of-a-kind fragrances for people who find delight and respite through color and scent to complement their own originality and to create their personal sanctuary.

Their candles are not only good for you, they are good for your home and the environment too. Each ingredient is carefully selected to give you wonderful aromatherapy benefits while remaining sustainably sourced and having a clean burn.

Each and every ingredient used to create L’or de Seraphine products is carefully selected both to provide a quality product and ensure that we all are protecting the ultimate sanctuary — the planet. The wax is an RSPO certified palm wax blend that is both sustainably sourced and has a clean and stable burn. The wick is organic cotton + the candles are all phthalates and parabens free.

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