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Orchidée Rouge

Orchidée Rouge

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After several successive trips to the islands of the Indian ocean, the Sora Dora family has managed to bring together many extracts of black vanilla grown in the Comoros and on reunion island in order to obtain a deep and remarkable digest. Red orchid enhances the suppleness of vanilla thanks to an accord of heliotrope flowers, almond milk in the heart. And makes us addicted thanks to its base notes, a benzoin /rum accord.

A real fragrance of character that transports us to hot and exotic countries while assuming its invigorating temperament. To sublimate the whole thing, a musky accord marvelously reveals the balance of its powdery and round notes.


The Notes

Italian Bergamot Essence
Ceylon Cinnamon Essence
Orange Petrol
Elemi Petrol
Absolute Black Vanilla
Ylang Ylang Essence
Heliotrope Flowers
Almond Milk
Benzoin Siam Resinoid
Rum Co2
White Musks

the projection


the notes




the sillage/longevity


the fragrance category


About Sora Dora

Sora Dora was named after Antoine SoraDora, a Portuguese immigrant, and has become a prestigious perfume brand for four generations. in the seven fragrances of their collection, you will find all the power and emotion of the journey of this man who left his country and his loved ones to fulfill his dream.

although these fragrances are unisex, some lean more masculine and some lean feminine. each with a telling story, fragrance composition, and artful vision.

masculine leaning:

+ kamel oud

+ vanuatu

+ gladiator 

feminine leaning:

+ orchidee rouge

+ broceliande


+ mandorle 

+ gréasque

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