the august 2023 lovers.

the august 2023 lovers.

This month has been about establishing new habits for me to better myself not only as a provider + business owner, but also as an overall human being. As a night owl, it’s difficult for me to workout in the early morning, let alone be in a happy mood in the mornings. However, I made it a goal to wake up in the mornings - pour into God and myself first, before I pour into my work. When I am at my best, my family and patients get the best version of me. 

With this new shift, I have been leaning into products that support the efficiency of my morning routine. Keeping it simple and effective is the key while supporting my skin goals.


Quite literally, this is my version of morning coffee…but as my cleanser LOL! This micellaire water is unlike any other on the market. It is both a cleanser + toner in one product that does not require rinsing off (almost all micellaire waters on the market require rinsing off due to their instability in barrier support). 

Before my workout, I will rinse off my night’s skincare + accumulation of “night gunk” with miss Micellaire. I squeeze out enough to saturate my cotton square, gently swipe all over my face, and proceed to my next step. It is tolerable for most skin + sensitivity levels, but, as always, make sure you discuss with your esthi (aka me!)  before selecting this for your skin.


I am a ride or die lover of this hydrating serum + nourishing oil hybrid product. This is my step 2 for my morning pre-workout regimen, and man oh man do I LOVE HER. I am obsessed with how effortlessly she nourishes my skin, plumps it up, leaves behind a stunning glow, packs the skin with antioxidants galore, and lets me keep it simple. It’s a serum + moisturizer in one. The light scent, effortless finish. Obsessed! This item is now a limited edition, so while I wish we could keep her around all the time, once quantities finish, she is gone for good. I recommend trying her out while we got in her stock because you won’t regret it!



The last and most important step to finish off my pre-workout routine is SPF. You can use any SPF, but I am GAGA for my tone smart. It adjusts to MY skintone, gives me a glow, ultimate SPF 75, and gives me a ‘my skin by better’ finish. Most days, I don’t bother wearing makeup because this is my “foundation”. It provides a light-medium coverage and is water resistant. So for this Texas heat and sweaty workouts, this is packs a protective punch!


For my POST workout AM regimen, I finally get into my proper cleanse. I eagerly rush to using little miss new kid on the block, Lait SR, fulfilling all my dreams in a cleanser. I have pictured and dreamed of an acne / oily skin targeted cleanser that DOES NOT overstimulate, dry, or exfoliate the skin. THIS IS FINALLY THAT. A gel cream consistency, this cleanser fantastically cleanses the skin, decongests the pores, prevents breakouts, ALL WHILE RESPECTING THE BARRIER, and bringing your skin to a balance. NO purging, NO irritations. Just pure bliss on the face. It removes my SPF + makeup with ease. 


Of course, I cannot have a August lovers moment without a fragrance obsession! HELLO! I cannot stop reaching for my Sora Dora + The House of Oud scents. They really are exceptionally made, layers of art into a bottle. Broceliande is one of my favorites from the house because it’s an elevated, unique take on the infamous Baccarat Rouge 540. Some may disagree, but to my nose, I get BR540 vibes without the basic energy LOL! The citrus opening leading way to a caramel, vanilla, cinnamon base is just dreamy. Not too sweet, not too citrus, she’s the best of both worlds in one bottle. In humid Texas + hot Arizona, I spray the heck out of this and get endless compliments! 



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