aqueous. is proud to partner with Freeze Co Beauty, a leading retailer of clinical skincare.

Separate entities that work together to curate an extensive selection of powerful skincare to ensure our patients achieve the skin of their dreams. Oftentimes in the world of skincare + business, we see a culture of hatred, competition, and jealousy. We do not entertain that!

As passionate women in this industry, Bisma + Christine firmly believe that empowerment and working united as one cultivates positive vibes + results. The energy fostered within the company is felt to the homes of our clients/patients.

Freeze Co Beauty houses skincare lines that lean more on the Western philosophy of skincare, while aqueous. houses lines that blend Western and Eastern philosophies.

With the power of both, we hold the ability to tailor each skincare routine further, knowing that they work well together. The energy of love, companionship, unconditional support between the two companies transfers from our bond to your ritual.

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving two beautiful boxes of skin treats instead of just one?! The more gifts, the better!

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