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Casa Cura Organic Matcha is ethically sourced and grown in the finest conditions at family-owned farms in a region of Japan called Uji, known for its matcha cultivation for over 800 years. Uji is renowned for its fertile soil and pure waters, creating excellent conditions for growing tea. The climate is also conducive to making exceptional tea as it rains often and regular fog protects the delicate tea leaves from frost.

Ceremonial grade distinction doesn’t have an official definition by a certifying body, however; it defines this matcha as being consciously made from the finest, smallest shade-grown leaves from the tea plant, before steaming, drying and grinding the leaf with a granite stone to make this matcha powder.

Casa Cura is proud to have Certified EU Organic credentials - this means the matcha has undergone rigorous checks to show the matcha is grown on land free of pesticides and chemicals.

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