Amoln Sweden

Amoln is a Swedish perfumery brand, founded inside a humble studio in Malmö, Sweden. Amoln candles combine the passions for fragrances, craftsmanship and intimate memories with the highest quality of raw materials and contemporary

Scandinavian designs. Moln is the Swedish word for cloud. The mythological and natural wonders of clouds inspire us to create our signature monochromatic matte blue candles. Amoln candles are soulfully concocted, and handcrafted to emulate clouds — creating their heavenly silhouettes and shadows when lit. Ethically sourced, all Amoln candles are handmade in Sweden with the finest natural materials and fragrances from France. We handpick every ingredient, self-formulate every subtle and layered scent, hand-blend every wax, and hand-pour every jar to take you on a journey behind the clouds.

The Amoln candle formula is made of sustainable wax with a blend of rapeseeds, harvested locally from the Southern part of Sweden. No cruelty to any beings or our

Environment. A meaningful work of art, honoring tradition, family, memories, and culture - all resonating deeply with Bisma.