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BonBon Pop

BonBon Pop

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Gluttonous. Fun. Fascinating. In one word: Pop! This fragrance takes us back in time, bringing back that innocent carefree and infinite serenity of when we were children and loved to enjoy sweets. The juicy notes of White Peach and Exotic Coconut evoke the softness of candy. Woods and Amber infuse warmth. Sugar radiates its fragrant notes and releases an incomparable sweetness. A triumph of delicious notes that gives us a pinch of nostalgic happiness. A real vortex of goodies that envelops us in a sweet and intriguing embrace.


The Head

Bergamot | White Peach | Coconut

The Heart 

Jasmine | Patchouli

The Soul

Brown Sugar | Precious Woods | Dry Amber | Musk

the projection


the notes

Bergamot | White Peach | Coconut
Jasmine | Patchouli
Brown Sugar | Precious Woods | Dry Amber | Musk

the sillage/longevity


the fragrance category

Fruity Gourmand

About The House of Oud

THE HOUSE OF OUD is the story of a friendship between Andrea Casotti, an Italian Master Perfumier, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a producer of Jakarta oud, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together with a sense of beauty and their love of study.

THoO is a rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities and to visits, furnished with knowledgeexperience, and the age-old art of perfumery.

THE HOUSE OF OUD was established to channel the
ideas and inspirations the two collect from all over the world into a single ‘house’. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the ingredient that is always part of the brand’s compositions, OUD is also an acronym that encapsulates all the two founders’ spirit of research, standing for ‘Our Unique Devotion’.

In the olfactory creations of THE HOUSE OF OUD, oud is not the key note around which the composition’s other ingredients orbit: it is the element that bonds and holds everything together, giving the bouquet character and depth. This change of perspective projects the brand’s innovative spirit, its desire to outpace fashions and to seek style alone.

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