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Casa Cura Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

Casa Cura Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

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Ceremonial grade & ethically sourced

Featuring traditional tools to effortlessly bring the magic of making matcha into your home, this carefully curated kit encourages you to take a moment to pause and make matcha a treasured daily ritual.

Inspired by the Japanese art and traditions of preparing tea, this five-piece kit includes the vibrant ceremonial grade Casa Cura Organic Matcha, together with an artisanally made set of Japanese matcha-making tools crafted from beautiful bamboo and ceramic.

Each meticulously hand-crafted matcha tool balances form and function, working in harmony to help you confidently master the habitual art of matcha-making, becoming a true matcha connoisseur.

Each Matcha Tea Set Includes:

  • 1 tin of Casa Cura Organic Matcha (valued at $45)
  • 1 Chasen - a bamboo whisk 
  • 1 Kuse Naoshi - ceramic whisk holder
  • 1 Chawan - a ceramic matcha bowl 
  • 1 Chashaku - a bamboo matcha spoon 


the benefits

L-Theanine supports optimal focus and clarity to bring a gentle boost of energy

Chlorophyll enhances skin health so you glow from the inside out

A high number of antioxidants give matcha superfood status

the full ingredient list

-100% ground green tea leaf
-Certified EU Organic
-Ceremonial grade
-1 tin of 30g = 30 servings
-Sourced in Uji, Japan
-Naturally sweet and smooth
-Free-from additives and preservatives

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