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Ex Lover

Ex Lover

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Memories of this Ex Lover linger in the mind like scent in the air. Past kisses, sweet nothings, giggles and tears. All that is done now. It has been for years. You’ve grown since the breakup. You’ve become all you wanted. You casually walk by and smile, but they remain haunted.

If glowing up and moving on had a scent, it’d be this fragrance. It blends tantalizing heliotrope flower, water lotus, oakmoss, neroli leaves, amber and sugar cane for a femme fatale profile that exudes bold confidence. 


240G | 8.5OZ


the notes

Heliotrope Flower
Water Lotus
Neroli Leaves
Sugar Cane

the burn time

55 Hours

About Fvith

Five is no ordinary number. In ancient philosophies, it was believed a fifth element existed alongside earth, fire, water and air. It filled the spaces between them and encompassed them; it was the balance between light and darkness; it was gravity; it was energy itself. The fifth was everything intangible and unexplainable, the powerful something that both propelled and contained life. In scripture, it’s known as God’s number—the symbol of divine harmony.

FVITH creates candles capturing a definition of niche craftsmanship. An artistically layered candle experience, filling your self-love moment with its powerful dose of intense perfumery. Each candle creates a different ambiance, but leaves you craving for more.

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