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Fierce Skin Stimulator

Fierce Skin Stimulator

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The Fierce Skin Stimulator is a fundamental step into home skin treatment. A professional approach to intensively target the different levels of the epidermis developing result-driven goals. 
Four advanced technologies unite for an intense, high-performing, deep facial rejuvenation massage pattern. 
The combination of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), RF (High Radio Frequency) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) intensely support collagen repair, muscle contouring and enhances microcirculation & lymphatic drainage. 

This advanced regenerating massage tool provides multi-level targets via two modes: 

Blue Mode: 
Combines the benefits of a deep facial massage with the power of LED light. 

Red Mode: 
Combines the benefits of a deep facial massage with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Radio Frequency (RF) and LED light. 


• Pregnant or breast-feeding women.
• Pacemakers or Electronic Implanted Devices.
• Use on skin lesions or infections.
• Individuals with Epilepsy/seizures or undergoing Cancer treatment. 

• Do not use Fierce Skin Stimulator around wet areas. 
• Keep away from children. 
• Please only clean Fierce Skin Stimulator with anti-bacterial wipes on the four heads. 
• Do not submerge in water or use water to clean.

the benefits

• Stimulates circulation and facial muscles • Improves lymphatic drainage
• Eliminates signs of fatigue
• Revitalizes the epidermis 
• Collagen Stimulation
• Toning
• Lifting and Firming
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 

About Pietro Simone Skincare

Pietro Simone has dedicated over 20 years of continuous research, applying his extensive knowledge to the evolution of the cosmetic market offering to create a ground-breaking, multi-dimensional, result-driven luxury skincare regime through advanced bio-recognisable and high percentage of cutting edge active ingredients & compounds to treat, condition and support the intricate skin ecosystem whilst managing the ageing process. Pietro Simone Skincare pillars hold at the forefront scientific skincare, biotechnological peptides, meristematic cells culture, protein, amino-acids, vitamins, marine extracts, antioxidants to create an intelligent skincare focusing on surpassing specific skin needs. His passion and dedication met science with the patented creation of the powerful Italian Bella Complex, a scientific elixir of five regional Italian active ingredients which protect against oxidative stress, photo-damage and protein glycation.

This advanced scientific synergy with a profoundly focused methodology & brand philosophy results in an intense anti-ageing, anti-oxidizing and brightening of the epidermis revealing a rejuvenated and refined skin resulting in a loyal list of skincare experts, celebrities, socialites and influencers.

Through the unison of the Pietro Simone scientific skincare approach and specific facial methodologies, a 360 degree skin experience is achieved via the creation of his signature techniques such as the Organic Cotton Thread Exfoliation, the Dry Massage and the introduction of various cutting-edge technologies and ancient skin traditions to unveil a ground breaking skin transformation. The unrivalled cumulative results of his powerful formulations and treatments combine to embrace the highest evolution in skincare and targeted results.

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