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Lotion P50 1970

Lotion P50 1970

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Gentle Balancing Exfoliator For Normal to Oily Skin

Lotion P50 1970 is the original released formula from Biologique Recherche. This is a multi-purpose lotion which exfoliates, purifies, cleanses, sanitizes and regenerates the epidermis. When used on a daily basis, it removes dead cells and impurities while rebalancing the pH on the skin’s surface to improve epidermal strength and quality. Enriched with sebum-regulating active ingredients, it helps regulate sebaceous secretions on the skin’s surface, leaving it perfectly purified. The cornerstone of Biologique Recherche's epidermal reconditioning method, it is adapted to Skin Instants© prone to seborrhea and/or keratinization. 

This is the strongest level 5 of exfoliation, requiring time to build up to proper use. 

Note: The Lotion P50 1970 formulation is not recommended for use while pregnant, breastfeeding or planning for pregnancy due to the phenol content. Instead, we recommend using the non-phenol P50 formula.

The Benefits:

Daily removal of dead cells and impurities
Helps regulate sebum secretion and purifies
Promotes epidermis renewal
Increases the resistance and quality of the epidermis.
Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis thanks to its keratolytic action
Balances pH on the skin’s surface
Enhances the action of the products used after its application.

the skin protocol

For anyone new to Lotion P50 or changing their formula:

Carefully remove makeup from the face and neck and cleanse properly with the milk suitable to your Skin Instants©. This treatment balances the skin, prepping the skin for the following applications.

During the first week of use, soak a pre-dampened cotton pad with Lotion P50 and apply by pressing into the face, neck and décolleté, without rubbing.

The following days, soak a dry cotton pad with Lotion P50. Warning: If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Important to Note:

A slight tingling sensation may be felt. This is normal and a sign that Lotion P50 is working, starting to rebalance the epidermis. This tingling sensation will decrease with use and as the skin’s pH becomes balanced. If the tingling is too uncomfortable, you can rinse off Lotion P50 by spraying a little Eauxygénante on the face, or by simply rinsing with a natural water spray.

Precaution For Use:

Lotions P50 are for external treatment only. Avoid the eye contours.

Avoid the immediate exposition to the sun after application.

Do not use Lotions P50 on scratched or irritated skin or on open wounds or burns.

Do not use Lotions P50 immediately after a peel or a medical laser treatment. Ask your specialized physician for advice before reusing it.

Following facial surgery, do not use Lotions P50 for at least one month. Ask your specialized physician for advice before reusing it.

Do not use Lotions P50 for at least 6 months after a Roaccutane treatment. Ask your specialized physician for advice before reusing it.

Never use Lotions P50 during vitamin A acid or alpha hydroxy acid-containing treatments (glycolic acids or others).

These products are not suitable for children

the action potential

▪Exfoliating platform

AHA, BHA, PHA, Cider Vinegar, Sulfur

▪Purifying platform

Horseradish extract, Burdock extract, Complex based on Myrrh, Myrtle and Onion, Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin B3

▪Sebum Regulating platform

Sorrel extract, Thyme essential oil

the full ingredient list


how to purchase Biologique Recherche

Our company focuses on building an epic relationship with you and your skin. We want to limit product disappointments, a reason why we emphasize a conversation and/or consultation prior to purchasing Biologique Recherche. Although consultations are not required, we do encourage them to ensure your satisfaction with the products. We are honored to be part of your skin team!

To purchase Biologique Recherche, you can:

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