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The Portland Popup

The Portland Popup

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It is an honor to be welcomed into Portland by Stacy Sitko, founder of Sitko Skin + fellow Biologique Recherche partner. Together, we combine our love for skin to provide you with an enhanced facial experience. 

The Skin + Scent Event: Mastering the aqueous. Art of Layering

Fall is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to reevaluate your aqueous. trio - skincare, perfumes, + candles. As the cold blankets the air, our body yearns for new, cozy additions for care. In this event, Bisma, founder of aqueous., will walk you through layering your fall additions correctly + wisely, making you get the most out of your self-love ritual. Layering the right skincare + scents can get both confusing and overwhelming, but Bisma educates you how to gracefully combine these elements to foster your fluid evolution. 

Here, we will start off with layering the right candle to set the ambiance. Next, we delve into the world of Biologique Recherche, where we discover and play with serum, mask, + cleanser cocktails to enhance your skincare regimen. Finally, we enter the world of Niche Perfumery, where we introduce you to layering scents according to your mood + vibe. There is an art to layering correctly, but with the right guidance, it can make this moment all the more luxurious!

Bisma will be joined by special guest Abby Bliss White, sharing her vast knowledge + passion with Bisma on skincare + perfumes. 

Event Ticket: $150 USD, $35 of which can be applied towards a full size fragrance purchase

10% of the ticket goes towards Pakistan Flood Relief Fund

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